We mobilize and give charity services

What We Care For!

Giving Out To the People Affected by Climate

We mobilize and give chirity services to people affected by climate chang such as floods,drought,landslides among others

Community cleanups and sensitization

Community cleanups and sensitization on proper waste management especially plastics. We sensitize communities on reduce,reuse and recycle measures in fighting plastics.

We also train and follow up farmers

We also train and follow up farmers on sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation practices like agroforestry,crop rotation among others

Creating awareness on climate

Creating awareness on climate change adaptation and sustainable environmental living

We train young kids in communities

We train young kids in communities and engage them in our programmes to groom them with an environmentally conscious mind.

We do tree planting

Trees help to combat global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide, removing and storing carbon while releasing oxygen back into the air.