Our Projects


Kasesese relief project

This was a relief project in which we reached out to people of kasese that were affected by floods and landslides living in camps of kanyangeye. We were able to reach out to these people with food staffs, treated mosquito nets, Clothes,sanitary pads,liquid soap,tumplins among others


Big Picture Uganda

The Big Picture is a project under abayuuti community group that focuses on reaching the poorest communities/slums mostly Children and Women in Kampala, Uganda.

This we do by attacking poverty from the grass roots.

An educated kid will confidently present themselves to opportunities. Nothing hinders one’s potential more than illiteracy. Giving a child the education that they need, not only can change the livelihood and opportunities for themselves and their family, but also change their communities and potentially the world. Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world”.



DOB: 22/04/2007

Sex: F

I love singing and when I grow up I’d like to be a doctor.

I help my auntie in her small business, cook, clean the house and wash my clothes.

Siblings: 2

Primary carer: Auntie



DOB: 05/06/2016


I love dancing and watching cartoons. When I

grow up I want to be a dancer.

I help my mother with house work and fetch water.

Siblings: 1

Primary carer: Single Mother


DOB: 02/04/2017

Sex: F

I love books and would like to be a police officer when I grow up. Sibling/s: 6

Caretaker: Single mother




DOB: 12/12/2007


I love playing football and dancing, when I

grow up I want to become a Business Man.

I help my grandmother wash utensils, my clothes, fetch water, cook and help her do some work in her bakery business. Siblings: 5

Primary Carer: Grandmother



DOB: 11/11/2010

Sex: F

I enjoy dancing and am interested in fashion design and hope to become an author of novels.

I help my grandmother wash clothes, fetch water, clean the house and with cooking.

Queen is the team leader of the girl’s in Big Picture.

Primary Carer: Grandmother

Siblings:  4



DOB: 01/08/2011


I love reading books and singing.

When I grow up I want to become a lawyer and do my community justice.

I help my grandmother fetch water and wash my clothes.

Siblings: 6

Primary Carer: Grandmother


Hanington (Tonny)

DOB: 01/08/2008


I enjoy singing and somersaulting.

When I grow up I want to become a Musician.

I help my mother fetch water and take care of my young sister when mom goes to work.

Siblings: 1

Primary Carer: Single Mother


Big Picture kids foodrelief

Hello friends, we are setting this campaign to help rise food relief for our kids to be able to get a second meal in a day, these kids at the moment survive on a single meal since a second lockdown was announced which allowed people to work but no crossing districts , due to missed meals some of the kids have started suffering from ulcers, today the 18th.June a total lockdown has been announced in Uganda, these kids come from caretakers whose survival depends on the day earnings, we don’t see a clear means of survival if they don’t work.

On our list, we are considering food which is not expensive and it will help kids survive these hard days.


I’d really appreciate it if you would share or donate to this GoFundMe.

Big Picture kids foodrelief