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Abayuuti Was Established in 2020

Abayuuti was found by seven friends that grew up together in the ghetto slums of Kakajjo zone Bukesa parish Kampala, Uganda. As we grew up we had the slung of our group of friendship “abayuyti” which means youths. This gave us a belonging and as part of this group each member was expected to live a life contrary to immoral acts of other youth agement in the ghetto such as drug abuse, theft and other crimes. We always wanted and challenged ourselves to impact our society and change the image of ghetto raised child to be a useful figure in the society and inspire others to transform their lives.

In June 2020 we officially registered and started our long awaited dream of transforming our society. We started with collecting plastics in our community cleanups and sensitizing our locals on proper disposal of waste. After a short period, we had received good reception from communities and they joined the group and number keeps on growing up to day from both local and international grounds. Due to high levels of environmental injustices in Uganda and the whole African continent, Abayuuti decided to transform into a group of youth climate and environment activists seeking justice through awareness creation on climate change adaptation and sustainable environment living. Abayuuti since then found this as our identity!

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Creating a sustainable environment in communities through youths and community engagement 


Building communities which are well informed and environmentally conscious


Our Team

Rwomukitoma Ivan


Kaggwa Festus


Mwemaho Crispus

Public Relations Manager