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BUENOS AIRES, Sept 21 (Reuters) – Argentina on Tuesday unveiled plans to ease COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, including loosening strict border controls, allowing more commercial activities and getting rid of the mandatory wearing of face masks outdoors.
Health Minister Carla Vizzotti said the easing of rules would allow more economic, industrial and commercial activities in closed places, while maintaining prevention measures.
"We are in very positive moments, we know that the pandemic has not ended, we have to maintain care," said Vizzotti at a press conference in Buenos Aires. "We are moving towards the full recovery of activities."
Argentina, after a slow start to its vaccination campaign, has now administered over 49 million doses, including fully inoculating over 20 million people out of its some 45 million population. Cases and fatalities have fallen sharply.
The pandemic has hit the country hard with some 5.24 million confirmed cases and has hurt the popularity of center-left President Alberto Fernandez, who was recently forced into a Cabinet reshuffle after a bruising primary election defeat.
(Reporting by Eliana Raszewski; Writing by Adam Jourdan, Editing by Louise Heavens)
(Reuters) -Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou flew home to China on Friday after reaching an agreement with U.S. prosecutors to end the bank fraud case against her, relieving a point of tension between China and the United States. Within hours of the news of the deal, two Canadians who were arrested shortly after Meng was taken into custody in December 2018 were released from Chinese jails and were on their way back to Canada. The deal also opens U.S. President Joe Biden to criticism from China hawks in Washington who argue his administration is capitulating to China and one of its top companies at the center of a global technology rivalry between the two countries.
In what would be a major change in the U.S. tax code, which typically does not impose taxes on investment gains until the underlying assets are sold, President Joe Biden said Friday that he supports a proposal to tax billionaires’ unrealized capital gains on an annual basis. Asked about Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden’s (D-OR) plan to levy a “billionaire’s income tax” on the wealthiest American households, Biden told reporters at the White House that he backs such a tax as part of hi
Two Canadian citizens who were detained by Beijing for more than 1,000 days have left Chinese airspace and will arrive back in Canada early on Saturday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters on Friday. Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor were picked up in December 2018, shortly after Vancouver police arrested Huawei Technologies Co Ltd Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou on a U.S. warrant. Shortly before Trudeau spoke, Canadian media reported that Meng flew back to China after reaching a deal with U.S. authorities.
(Bloomberg) — In a sudden resolution to a diplomatic crisis between the U.S., China and Canada, a top Huawei Technologies Co. executive flew home as China released two jailed Canadians.Most Read from BloombergHow Los Angeles Became the City of DingbatsSchool Reopenings Falter as U.S. Kids Near 1 Million Covid CasesA Jewish Tradition Makes Room for Unconventional DesignIn Paris, the Wrapped Arc de Triomphe Is a Polarizing PackageIstanbul Turns Taps on Old Fountains, Joining Global Push for Free
Huawei Technologies Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou and U.S. prosecutors are expected to appear in court to say they have reached an agreement to resolve charges against her, according to a source familiar with the matter, concluding a process that should allow her to leave Canada. Meng is expected to appear virtually in a hearing in Brooklyn federal court, according to a source. Here are some facts about Meng.
While there is little direct U.S. exposure to the property developer’s debt, the fallout could hit global markets if investor confidence sours.
(Bloomberg) — Almost three years after she was arrested at a Vancouver airport, Huawei Technologies Co. Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou left Canada on a flight to China on Friday afternoon, according to a person familiar with the matter. Most Read from BloombergHow Los Angeles Became the City of DingbatsSchool Reopenings Falter as U.S. Kids Near 1 Million Covid CasesA Jewish Tradition Makes Room for Unconventional DesignIn Paris, the Wrapped Arc de Triomphe Is a Polarizing PackageIstanbul
Rich families were moving fast to report capital gains in their 2020 tax returns ahead of potential rate increases proposed by Democrats.
The “deeply unintelligent” family member will “out-racism anybody, out-misogyny anybody” just for affection, said Donald Trump’s niece.
Even as Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell predictably dodged the latest question over his future as head of the central bank, his signal of openness to Democratic demands for tougher regulation of Wall Street under a new regulatory chief may assuage what critics see as a weak point in his leadership. At a press conference on Wednesday following the Fed's latest meeting at which policymakers kept interest rates near zero as the U.S. economy continues to heal from the COVID-19 pandemic, Powell was unequivocal when asked how much he would defer to a new vice chair for supervision expected to be named this fall to oversee bank regulation. That viewpoint could offer President Joe Biden an opening to pursue a package deal in which Powell, a Republican, remains chair and current Fed Governor Lael Brainard, a Democrat and potential rival for the leadership who is favored by some progressives, takes over as the Fed's regulation czar when the slot opens up at the end of October.
Two Canadians detained in China on spying charges were released from prison and flown out of the country on Friday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said, just after a top executive of Chinese communications giant Huawei Technologies reached a deal with the U.S. Justice Department over fraud charges and flew to China. The three-way deal enabled China and Canada to each bring home their own detained citizens while the U.S. wrapped up a criminal case against a prominent tech executive that for months had been mired in an extradition fight.
Every president since George W. Bush has vowed to eliminate the tax break that allows compensation to be taxed at the lower capital-gains rate, yet carried interest continues.
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Market capitalism has passed the market test. It’s a socioeconomic system that has propelled humanity to a standard of living unimaginable 200 years ago. Calling that transformation in human welfare a secular “miracle” is hardly an overstatement. Amazing things have happened in any place that’s allowed or enabled even a smidge of economic freedom.
Regulators globally are cracking down on cryptocurrencies, alarmed at a rapidly expanding market that exceeded a record $2 trillion in April. China on Friday said it was banning all crypto trading and mining, sending digital coins tumbling. Global regulators worry the rise in privately operated currencies could undermine their control of the financial and monetary systems, increase systemic risks, promote financial crime and hurt investors.
Kathy Jones, Chief Fixed Income Strategist at Charles Schwab, joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss the U.S. economy, outlook on the Fed taper, and the China credit risk.
Cryptocurrencies could usher in the next wave of innovation that will drive economic growth, according to the former head of the Commodities Futures and Trading Commission.
During a Fridays for Future climate strike rally in Berlin on Friday, activist Greta Thunberg mocked the phrase “Build Back Better,” which is the title of President Biden’s economic agenda.
The U.S. is approaching the deadline to raise the debt limit. And if Congress doesn't act, the nation could suffer a full-on default on its loans for the first time in U.S. history. CBS News economic policy reporter Sarah Ewall-Wice joins CBSN's "Red and Blue" anchor Tanya Rivero with the latest.
The White House on Thursday published a new economic analysis that showed how the wealthiest Americans pay far less in taxes than others – an effort to bolster President Joe Biden's push to increase taxes on the rich to fund his economic agenda. "I'm sick and tired of the super-wealthy and giant corporations not paying their fair share in taxes," Biden wrote on Twitter on Wednesday. The White House analysis from two economists suggests that the wealthiest 400 households in the country — those with net worth ranging between $2.1 billion and $160 billion — pay an effective federal income tax rate of just over 8 percent per year on average.


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