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Charity Digital is partnering with pay-now service BOPP to make receiving online donations cheaper and easier for charities and non-profits 
One of the biggest fundraising trends of 2022 will be versatility. With fewer of us carrying cash, and more safety restrictions on face-to-face fundraising as a result of the pandemic, it has never been more important for charities to be nimble when accepting donations.
That’s where BOPP comes in. BOPP is the new way for charities and non-profits to replace cash donations and make it as simple as possible for people to donate quickly, remotely or in person, with no fuss.
BOPP are partnering with Charity Digital to help charities revolutionise fundraising through their platform. By purchasing through Charity Digital, charities can benefit from a 10% discount on BOPP pricing when paid for monthly.
With BOPP, it’s easy to set up, easy to monitor performance and capture marketing data, and, above all, easy to donate. All supporters need to do is scan a QR code on their device or click the link sent to them via email or messenger, authorise the payment, and done – they’ve donated.
Organisations can make as many QR codes as they like, to be affixed to posters, buckets, or even T-shirts –there are plenty of ways to get creative! Charities using BOPP receive the payments instantly, and what’s more, with no card fees and no chargebacks.

There are two pricing bundles for charities using BOPP. The Value Bundle means organisations pay monthly (£9 with Charity Digital’s discount), with no extra transaction fees on the first £5000 raised. Donations after the first £5000 raised will be charged at 0.5% per transaction, up to a maximum of 50p.
With the Pay As You Go bundle, organisations pay 0.5% per transaction, again with a maximum fee of 50p and a minimum of 5p.
All prices exclude VAT.
The process is smooth, seamless, and easy.
There is no eligibility criteria, the discount is available to charities and non-profits of all types and sizes, including charitable trusts, Community Interest Companies, and registered charities. Just select your organisation type from the dropdown menu and BOPP you go!
Go to BOPP page!
Please get in touch! Our friendly, expert Customer Service team are happy to answer all your queries about how to get discounted services from BOPP.


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