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Applications close at 14:00 on the 14 October 2021
When the charity sector shifted en masse towards remote working in 2020, the implications on cybersecurity were lost amid more pressing concerns of how charities would continue to deliver their services during lockdown.
But employees working on their personal devices presented a unique challenge to charities. Cyber criminals were able to more easily target insecure devices to access vital data and charities, already experiencing a high level of cyber threats due to limited resources, became yet more vulnerable to being hacked online.
With organisations continuing to embrace the hybrid working model, it’s clear this threat isn’t going away anytime soon. With more than half of workers now using their own software and devices to work from home, it is crucial that these ‘endpoints’ are sufficiently protected.

In our second demonstration with Charity Digital Exchange partners Avast, attendees will learn about the ins and outs of ‘Endpoint’ security, including why it is important for charities and the best practice for those looking to strengthen theirs. It will feature a demonstration of Avast’s cybersecurity technology, including its shields, browser, and patch management, and show how organisations can better protect themselves and their audiences going forward.
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