ERA gives blessing to Magħtab incinerator – Newsbook

The board of the Environment and Resources Authority has approved the proposed construction of a new waste-to-energy facility in Magħtab, a decision which helps pave the way for a Planning Authority permit and the project’s development.
The proposed project, which also includes access roads and ancillary facilities, aims to reduce the generation of non-recyclable waste through incineration, generating electricity feeding into the national grid in the process.
In view of the project’s scope, the authority had requested an environmental impact assessment in 2018, and the report was submitted on April.
The EIA report’s conclusions, as well as the feedback received following a 30-day public consultation, were taken in consideration when the decision was made, the ERA maintained.
Ultimately, the ERA deemed the project justifiable due to its importance in managing waste that cannot be recycled effectively and which would thus be landfilled. Its approval is subject to the development consent mechanism and to mitigation measures which would be specified in the development permit.
During the same sitting, the ERA board was also presented with an application for the uprooting of trees at Ta’ Qali, as part of a proposed new concert area within the national park spearheaded by the Infrastructure Ministry.
But the uprooting of trees had already started taking place before environmental authorisation was granted, leading the ERA board to impose a €100,000 fine
Despite the unauthorised works, the ERA ultimately decided to grant an environmental permit for the remaining works, subject to a €174,000 bank guarantee. The requirement to plant 675 trees as compensation was also imposed.


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