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The National Planning Authority has revealed that whereas the COVID-19 cases in Uganda are stabilizing, the country’s neighbours are registering a spike in the infections, which still exposes her to the risk.
Sharing the Covid-19 Weekly Projections yesterday, NPA’s Eng.  JB Abraham – Muwanguzi, Manager Science Planning Department said that in the past two weeks, there was a slight increase in the number of cases. However, the projections show that that the number of cases beginning to stabilize; as they’re neither increasing nor. decreasing.
“In Uganda, the cases are stabilizing but what is worrying is that our neighbors and other African countries which we highly do trade with, the numbers are still high,” he said.
It should be noted that for the week of 12th to 18th September, an average of 168 new cases per day are being projected and a weekly total of 1,177 new cases.
Muwanguzi highlighted some of the Africa countries with a high number of COVID-19 cases and their projection in the next two weeks.
“On the continental level, South Africa, Morocco and Tunisia have the highest recorded cases over the last three weeks. Neighbouring countries Kenya and Rwanda are still among the ten countries that reported the highest new cases over the past three weeks,” Muwanguzi said.
The model further projects that for the week ending 18th September 2021, Kenya will record daily average of 631 and a weekly total of about 4,418 new cases which is a decrease from the previous week, when weekly cases were averaging 6,500.
For Rwanda, the projections for the week ending 18th September are a daily average of 406, with a weekly total of about 2,843 new cases, also a decrease from the previous week. It can thus be noted that though the cases for the two neighbouring countries are still high, their trend is going down.
Eng Muwanguzi recommended that there needs to be more vigilance and increased COVID-19 testing at the borders.
Currently, the test positivity rate of COVID-19 is 1.2%.
Of the 1,629,020 tests conducted to date, the cumulative cases of COVID_19 stand at 121,617, 429 active cases on admission at health facilities, 94,799 fatalities. Uganda has registered 3,103 fatalities due to COVID-19.


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