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When you think of OnlyFans, the last thing that likely comes to your mind is charity. But, did you know that the platform has actually made quite the impact when it comes to charitable causes?
We’re taking a look at five accounts that used OnlyFans for the purpose of raising money.
If you think about it, social media is actually an incredibly beneficial tool when it comes to fundraising.
From online crowdfunding pages to Facebook money raisers to the ‘ice bucket challenge’, the public has utilised the internet to make a charitable difference.
Likewise, some OnlyFans creators are using their accounts to turn their content into donations for a wider cause.
Take a look here to find out how to use the fundraising feature on OnlyFans.
Let’s take a look at five OnlyFans accounts using their content for the greater good.
David Marshall’s father sadly took his life, prompting the creator to raise $5000AUD via OnlyFans. Initially, Marshall was set on donating to mental health charity Beyond Blue. However, the creator’s donation was actually rejected “because they came from activities such as gambling, alcohol, and p*rnography.”
Instead, David continued to raise money via OnlyFans, eventually earning £10000AUD. He then donated this to suicide prevention charity The Black Dog Institute.
2. Kaylen Ward
Influencer Kaylen Ward did her bit for Australia’s wildlife by raising money via OnlyFans.
After late 2019 and early 2020 fires in Australia, Ward tweeted that she’d “send nude photos to anyone who donated $10 or more” in aid of the tragedy.
The creator apparently raised an estimated $1,000,000, though she actually had to stop accepting donation confirmations because so many people got involved!
On January 7th, Kaylen Ward entered into a partnership with OnlyFans, seeing 20% of her earnings on the platform donated to the fire efforts. 
3. The London Dungeon
Not one that you’d expect, we know!
According to this report, The London Dungeon has set up an OnlyFans account to raise money for Brook and educate subscribers on sexual health.
The aim, during Sexual Health Week, is to get people talking about safe sex and STIs – without the stigma.
4. Tiffany Poindexter
The Mirror reported that a 44-year-old California mother felt as though she was making too much money via OnlyFans, and decided to give some away to charity.
Tiffany set up an account to help her cope with her image during early menopause. She apparently said: “I’m going to donate some money, because I’m like, we don’t need all this money right?
“We’re gonna have to find something to do with it. We didn’t go to the press for all this money so I just don’t feel comfortable having all this, it’s just weird.”
5. Mia Khalifa
Finally, Mia Khalifa reportedly donated a hefty amount of her OnlyFans earnings to charity.
According to LADbible, Khalifa gave away $160,000 to organisations and charities.
Taking to IG, Mia wrote: “You guys have helped me donate over $160k to charities and organizations that mean the most to me, I’m so grateful for the platform and all the incredible, strong, determined women I’ve met through the internet because of it.”
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