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Melanie May | 15 September 2021 | News
Many companies and nonprofit organisations made strong, strategic responses to the issues raised by the antiracism movement over the last year, but company responses appear more robust than those reported by charities, according to C&E Advisory’s annual Barometer.
The Corporate-NGO Partnerships Barometer 2021 is the culmination of an in-depth survey and study gauging the views of professionals from 130 of the UK’s and the world’s leading companies and nonprofit organisations. The annual report explores the motivations, changing practices, barriers and challenges, as well as the future prospects for the cross-sector partnering agenda.
It found that 76% of corporate respondents and 61% of nonprofit respondents reported that a fairly strong or strong response from their organisations to antiracism during the last 12 months.
When asked about the extent to which the issues raised by the #BlackLivesMatter movement have featured in organisations’ partnerships over the last year, 71% of corporate respondents and 47% of NGO respondents reported that they had either featured strongly or moderately.
According to the survey, this puts organisations in the corporate sector ahead of those in the nonprofit sector by a factor of 15%.
C&E Advisory CEO, Manny Amadi, highlighted the combination of factors that could help to explain the apparent discrepancy, saying:
“It is unclear as to why this performance gap in the robustness of corporate and nonprofit sector responses to the issues of antiracism emerged in the last year. It may be that the nonprofit sector was starting from a higher base in terms of its practices on race diversity & inclusion, so required less additional action; that nonprofits were less under the spotlight on issues of race inclusion and diversity than have been companies – or that they lack appropriate resources to invest in addressing these issues; or that other factors (e.g. attention to mitigating risk) are felt more keenly by the corporate sector.”

More findings from this year’s Barometer can be found here.
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