Harmonizing EIA process in Asia and Africa – Centre for Science and Environment

Date: September 22 – 24, 2021
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is considered to be an important prerequisite in Asian and African countries in terms of environmental protection. It is also being used as an effective tool to measure environmental compliance of industries and other operational projects. However, it is observed that EIA faces two major drawbacks that held it back from reaching its maximum potential- one, limitations with the process itself and second, lack of actual ground implementation.
One of the key limitations in the process is the lack of any rationale for screening of projects. The absence of this aspect leads to ambiguity in decision regarding projects which necessitates EIA studies. The other elements include lenient monitoring and compliance mechanism and deficiency in disseminating information on public domain.
Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has always argued that these factors, when strengthened, can prove useful in delivering anticipated results from EIA. With an aim to deliberate on this issue, CSE is organizing an online roundtable for an international exchange of practices followed in different Asian and African countries and to discuss the way forward in making environmental compliance more transparent and meaningful.
Note: Participation is through invite only
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