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The collection includes stories from some of the UK’s best football writers
The Away Leg: XI Football Stories by Steve Menary and James Montague
Submitted to the Folkestone Herald
A Folkestone sports journalist has collected anecdotes from some of the UK’s best football writers for a new book raising money for charity.
An international match in North Korea only days after a nuclear warhead explosion, the atmosphere at one of the most political games in World Cup history, and the momentous rise of the Iceland men’s national team are just a few of the stories in the new anthology.
The Away Leg: XI Football Stories is the brainchild of authors Steve Menary and James Montague, who came up with the idea during the first lockdown as a way of raising money for the hard-hit social care sector.
The pair contacted fellow football journalists to ask them to share their best matchday stories to create a special book that raised money for one of the UK’s biggest social care charities, Community Integrated Care.
And the end result is now providing an alternative for fans who are desperate to get their international football fix, but wary of travelling out of the country.
The book includes stories from acclaimed writers such as:
The publication takes readers to the heart of the action with remarkable tales from across the globe. From derbies in Brazil, Georgia and Israel to the politically-charged Iran versus USA game at France ’98, it is packed with drama both on and off the pitch.
Co-editor Steve Menary, from Folkestone, said: “James and I came up with the idea for the book as we wanted to do something positive in what was otherwise turning out to be a dreadful year.
“Now, the football season may be getting underway, but many people are still nervous about international travel. Hopefully this book will provide them with their foreign football fix, without them even having to step on a plane.”
John Hughes, at Community Integrated Care said:
“All profits will help our charity to create new opportunities that enable people to achieve their dreams and grow in independence, as well as support those that may be entering social care in crisis.”
The Away Leg: XI Football Stories edited by Steve Menary and James Montague is available at all good book retailers.
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