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The 5th of September is considered to be a significant date as, on this day, we not only celebrate Teacher’s Day but we also commemorate International Day of Charity. On this unique day, charitable and humanitarian initiatives taken of any type are acknowledged. This day is also chosen to honour the death anniversary of Mother Teresa.  
The principal goal of the charity is to solve issues that affect a community. Several groups throughout the globe have devoted their lives to acknowledge these concerns and act on them. The issues they try to alleviate range from public health welfare to education, from accommodation to women’s rights, child development to child abuse, and so on. Humanitarian initiatives also contribute to the promotion of cultural heritage, science, sports, and natural preservation. In crisis circumstances, it also supports the rights of the disadvantaged and poor, as well as spreads the message of humanity and empathy. 
The United Nations General Assembly established September 5th as International Charity Day in appreciation of the importance of charity in easing humanitarian catastrophe and human misery within and among countries. It also recognises those organisations that are involved in contributing work. September 5 also honours the charitable efforts of Mother Teresa, the Catholic nun who dedicated her life to caring for the destitute and dying in the slums of Kolkata. 
The International Day of Charity was first initiated by the Hungarian civil society which was supported by the country’s government. The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution designating September 5 as International Day of Charity on December 17, 2012. Nearly 44 UN member countries signed on as co-sponsors. 
During the United Nations Sustainable Development Conference in 2015, the concept of International Day of Charity was introduced as a means to overcome the distance between the rich and underprivileged. This also signifies providing financial assistance to poor countries in order to address the goals of sustainable development around the globe by the year 2030. 
The notion of charity contributes to societal harmony by focussing on meeting basic needs and assisting those who are in dire need. This day can be spent either contributing money to a good cause or participating in charitable activity. 
Each year on September 5, the International Day of Charity commemorates the death of Mother Teresa, who is honoured as Saint Teresa of Calcutta in the Catholic Church. Mother Teresa died on September 5, 1997, at the age of 87, and was recognised for her commitment to the poor. This year, Mother Teresa’s disciples throughout the world will observe this day, September 5, as the 24th anniversary of her death. Mother Teresa was given a state funeral by the government in honour of her contributions to India’s underprivileged of all religions, caste and class. 
Mother Teresa’s disciples assemble at her gravesite in Kolkata every year on her death anniversary to pay their respects. They offer prayers, as well as bring bouquets and candles. 


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