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We help employers reduce the risk of harassment, violence, and aggression to their workforce by training employees on how to effectively assess and mitigate situations that can lead to aggressive or violent behaviours, putting into place excellent personal safety practices, including conflict de-escalation management training.
We have delivered face to face as well as virtual training to organisations around the whole of the UK, from Oban to Manchester, London to Cornwall, but came to realise for larger organisations, the traditional style of training did not always suit their needs. From this, we developed our eLearning training package to support requirements of larger organisations, ensuring personal safety knowledge and skills are embedded to empower and protect lone, frontline and all client-facing roles.
This course offers a more flexible approach to training, with self-paced learning and easy access 24 hours a day, suitable for organisations that may find training a large workforce challenging.
Our objective has always been for everyone to be home-safe every day, and our eLearning package offers effective measures to ensure personal safety becomes a part of the culture across the organisation, not just a tick box exercise. 
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