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7th September 2021, 19:59
The potential development of Rosia Bay will be discussed Wednesday at the Development and Planning Commission. It will consider the draft opinion of the Town Planner on the scope of the environmental impact assessment for a proposed residential and commercial development at Rosia Bay.
Scoping is considered an important step in preparing an environmental impact assessment; it should identify the issues that are likely to be of most importance during the EIA and eliminate those that are of little concern.
At the 2019 election, the GSLP Liberals promised to improve Rosia Bay as a recreational facility. At the time alliance said they had agreed plans that would protect and enhance it as a heritage and recreational area, allowing maximum public use, in particular in the summer months and, where practicable, during the off-season too.
Their manifesto said it would include new bathing facilities and a new beach area, using new sand as was done at Sandy Bay. It also promised: a walkway from Rosia to Camp Bay in front of Parsons Lodge, and; the preservation of marine species in the area.
The scoping exercise is designed to identify all the relevant issues and factors the EIA should cover, including meaningful public engagement, social impacts and health risks. It should also determine the appropriate time and space boundaries for the EIA.
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