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By Michael Koepf
I get these post cards in the mail. Hand-written from people I don’t know. There’s logo of a mule and the Mendocino Democrat Party stamped somewhere on these things. The cards plead in desperation that Gavin Newsom must be retained. Vote NO on the recall they beg. Into the trash they go, but, I realize the majority of voters in Mendocino County are registered Democrats. Mostly, good folks one and all. I was once a Democrat too before I stepped away from the Kool-Aid line of having the progressive media and Big Tech think for me. It’s safe to assume our board of supervisors are mostly Democrats too. Unless they’ve jumped the barbed-wire fence into the gulag or Marxist thought. Nonetheless, our board is busy everyday spending time and tax money while ignoring our third-world, county roads as they attempt to expand the bounty of cannabis, which, supposedly, will make our county rich. Best of luck with that.
Editor Jim Shields of the Mendocino County Observer recently wrote: “There’s hardly a person in Mendocino County who is not aware of the fact that marijuana cultivation is totally out of control…This county is coming apart at the seams because of the unchecked pot proliferation…” What’s this have do with the recall? Don’t take another drag on that joint, I’ll tell you down below.
But first, let’s re-focus on the gourmet at the top. That is, getting rid of Governor Newsome, because, while you and yours were locked away for covid waiting for UPS to deliver another case of macaroni and cheese, Governor Newsome was out and about eating Salade Vert and drinking expensive wine. Without a mask, of course; elbow to elbow with his closest friends. Should hypocrisy get a pass? No? Recall the rascal out.
Editor K.C. Meadows of this paper believes otherwise. In a recent editorial she pleads to keep the rascal in. Why? Because it’s Editor Meadows belief that a recall is much too expensive. Meadow argues dismissably that costly recalls can be augmented by a small percentage of the electorate. True. Especially, if citizens despise a no-count fraud. Editor Meadow postulates that if the recall does succeed, it can be redone over and over again to vote whomever out. Possibly true again. However, she imagines it will be a candidate backed by the state majority of Democrats just as soon as Newsom’s voted out. Gavin Newsom’s wife? In other words, one recall leads to another, forgetting, as Editor Meadows writes, that it defeats the reason she protests. Namely, that recalls cost too much.
Recalls cost too much? Chump change when it’s time to toss a charlatan out. And, there are additional issues in play easily laid at Newsom’s toes: California’s increasing rate of crime with murders out of sight; our tsunami of hapless, homeless bums; Prop.19, a Prop that Newsom backed to raise your property tax; releasing covid-infected criminals to meet and greet the rest of us; keeping his kids in toney, private schools while your children struggled at home with zoom with schools that have gone to hell. Thank you, Teacher’s Union, for teaching the Governor exactly what to do. Then there’s the California exodus of companies large and small, many family owned. They had enough of needless taxes and regulations that drove and continue to drive them out of the state. Then there’s our porous border to the south, which Newsom has allowed. California is fast becoming a state of the controlling rich and the poorly educated poor. And, let us not forget, Newsom, unilaterally, abolished the death penalty in California against a majority of the citizens in our state. (Prop. 62) Do you remember Polly Klass, age 12? Her rapist and murderer, Richard Allen Davis, dumped her body like trash. Davis was arrested in our county, but thanks to Gavin Newsom, Davis eats three square meals a day and is reading porno mags, while sweet Polly’s in her grave. Newsom’s changed Death Row into an old folks’ home.
Besides a murdering creep, there’s another important Mendocino connection when it comes to Newsom’s recall. It’s linked to Newsom’s infamous dinner at that restaurant where none of us can afford to eat. It’s about what ails our county now.
Newsom’s French Laundry bill was north of thirty-grand. Chump change for a rich guy like him, if, in fact, he paid the bill. Political donations anyone? But, the Mendo connection is not about his bill, or the caviar that Gavin slurped. It’s about the man the dinner was for. The dinner was in honor of Jason Kinney. It was Kinney’s birthday bash. Who’s Kenney? Kenney’s a long time “friend” and advisor to Newsom. Jason Kinney has been both a key Sacramento lobbyist and a key member of Newsom’s governing team. He’s billed as Newsom’s “senior advisor.” Once upon a time, when dope in Mendocino County was mostly mom and pop, before we descended into cannabis hell, Kinney shared the stage with California state regulators at a big cannabis conference in Las Vegas. The Vegas event was sponsored by Axion Advisors, a lobbying firm formed by Kinney’s former lobbying partners. Axion had recently launched WeedMaps, a cannabis advertising website represented by Axion. Their goal: turn California weedy, corporate green. That was Kenny’s plan. A drug deal for people at the top. Axion Advisors are not about you. Axion Advisors are not about us.  They’re about big money from someplace else. That’s the Mendocino connection to Newsom’s French Laundry feast. At the French Laundry, Jason Kenney was being celebrated for all the wonderful things he’s done. For instance, bringing Big Weed to where we live. Have you received your cut? Perhaps you have, but the majority of people who live in Mendocino County have not. In fact, an overwhelming majority are getting tired of the one-way street of violence, environmental degradation and greed——mostly by people from somewhere else.
Of course, Jason Kenney is not responsible for the murders in Round Valley or the hidden gravesites in the hills. He’s not responsible for stealing water; home invasions; teenagers perpetually buzzed on pot, or dope-growing damage to our lands. Jason Kenney or Axion or WeedMap are not responsible for anything at all. They merely assist the politicians, and tell them where to get the cash. Corporate Cannabis anyone? On the other hand, Gavin Newsom is responsible for Jason Kenney, when he bought his birthday cake, which the rest of us have to eat, whether we like it or not. I plead: if you have a mind of your own, and postcards don’t think for you, recall the man who ordered the cake.
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