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Police officers arrest a man over disobeying Covid-19 restrictions on August 24. PHOTO/DENNIS EDEMA
At the peak of the second Covid-19 wave in mid-June, social media was awash with stories of infections and death.
Stories of hospitals and funeral homes being overstretched made headlines as Uganda registered close to 1,800 new infections and about 80 deaths daily.
The anger was quickly turned to private health facilities that many accused of trying to profit from the pandemic by charging exorbitant prices for Covid-19 treatment amid a total lockdown. But many people seem to be quickly forgetting this sad episode and what caused it in the first place.
Before easing the Covid-19 restrictions at the end of July, the President, in consultation with scientists, assessed the level of threat and reopened some sectors.
Among the measures he instituted included strict adherence to standard operating procedures (SOPs) in public places, and staying the ban on places that attract large gatherings such as schools, churches, bars and other leisure centres.
But the reality of what is happening today is worrying. Videos of people flouting these guidelines keep emerging on social media. 
In one of them, girls in their 20s crammed in a room are filmed running for cover as a Local Defence Unit (LDU) personnel gets in the house. He looks around the room hosting what appears to be a house party and walks away.
In another video shared by the Ministry of Health spokesperson, urging police to act, a large crowd of revellers is filmed having a good time at one of the city malls under the cover of dark.
Some bars said to be owned by “connected people” are working up to late in the night, sometimes only a few metres from roadblocks.
All this is happening as we start witnessing signals of a possible third wave. Dr Monica Musenero, the senior presidential advisor on epidemics, this week warned that we are already witnessing the signs.
Two weeks ago, Health minister Jane Ruth Aceng warned that the third wave will be more lethal than what we experienced recently. If 2,000 registered cases a day caused such pain and suffering, we have been told to brace ourselves for up to 4,000 registered cases a day during the third wave.
Only 264,402 Ugandans have received two doses of Covid-19 vaccines as of last week, compared to the targeted 21 million.
Since we are still a long way from the targeted vaccinated population for the economy to fully reopen, we can stop or delay the third wave by adhering to preventive measures.
Let the responsible agencies enforce the guidelines equally, and only then will others learn.
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