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RINNAH Farming Limited will construct a dam at a cost of US$4 million in Chitina farm bloc in Mkushi to boost wheat, soyabeans and maize production. The proposed project involves construction of an earth dam on the confluence of Mutumbwa and Londo streams to store water from the two streams for use in the irrigation of winter crops. The dam will be constructed to store 9,100,000 cubic metres at full supply level and will have a dam wall length of 950 metres. Chief executive officer Timothy Wayne Green said the project will be implemented to contribute to the national food security. In an Environmental Impact Assessment report submitted for approval to Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA), Mr Green said the project will contribute to the growth of gross domestic product, job creation and enhance foreign exchange reserves through increased crop exports. “The total project cost and investment for the dam construction and its related infrastructure is US$4,000,000. Construction of the dam and related facilities is likely to take six months,” he said. Mr Green said implementation dates will depend on ZEMA’s approval of the project and it is hoped that construction will start this year. The economic benefits will CLICK TO READ MORE
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