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Dear Editor,
The recent publication by the Environmental Protection Agency, Guyana (EPA) that an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is not required for the new Demerara Harbour Bridge because it is a replacement is backward. The entire Guyana should demand the head of the EPA be replaced because of this. Excepting the current government of Guyana that likely instructed the EPA to take this position. The PPP/C will take a serious backlash at the next general elections due to this return to a highhanded and roughshod governance style.
The EPA must be mentally challenged to state that the new bridge is a replacement. The new bridge is a completely different structure. The old bridge is a two lane structure floating on pontoons in the river. The intended new bridge is a high rise four lane structure that requires building a fixed structure four lane road ramp in a heavily populated area that is already constantly congested with traffic. Con-struction of the new bridge will escalate this one issue into unimaginable proportions. Also, the noise, dust and other negative environmental impact to citizens will be terrible not only during construction but beyond as well.
The new bridge should really be built further south somewhere beyond the Diamond/Grove area.
Harrish Singh
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