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Mayor Sylvester Turner Appointed to EPA Local Government Advisory Committee
August 25, 2021 — U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Michael S. Regan today announced the appointment of Mayor Sylvester Turner as one of 34 new members of the Local Government Advisory Committee (LGAC).
This new appointment aligns with Mayor Turner’s work and priorities as the Chair of Climate Mayors, the Resilient Cities Network, and the African American Mayors Association.
In this role, the mayor will work with local leaders across the country to provide the EPA with advice and recommendations on critical environmental issues impacting local governments. The LGAC will advocate for reforms that will protect residents’ health and minimize environmental degradation in communities affected by industrial pollution in our region.
“We are at a pivotal moment in our country. The policies the EPA puts in place today will be critical to our ability to accelerate our efforts to curb emissions, fight pollution, prevent the worst effects of climate change, and address decades of environmental injustice. I look forward to serving on the EPA’s Local Government Advisory Committee and contributing to the development of more effective and equitable policies and programs,” said Mayor Turner.
Houston has faced seven federally declared disasters in the past six years which have disproportionally affected our most vulnerable communities and disrupted thousands of Houstonians.
Through Resilient Houston and the Houston Climate Action Plan, the City has taken steps to implement strategies to prepare for, withstand, and bounce back from increasing catastrophic events and chronic societal, environmental, economic, and infrastructure challenges while building a clean energy economy for the future.
However, as Houstonians work to lead a global energy transition, reduce emissions and mitigate the negative environmental impacts to Houstonians – particularly those that are marginalized and disproportionately affected – it is imperative that local, state, and federal agencies work collaboratively, factoring equity and environmental justice into every policy and program.
"In Houston, 186 years of industrial expansion have brought wealth and pollution to our community, and neither has been distributed equitably. As we work to lead a global energy transition, we have an opportunity to address long-standing environmental challenges and build resilient communities. The EPA’s environmental regulations along with remediation programs offer critical, life-saving resources that need to be supported and expanded," said Mayor Turner.
The 39-member LGAC will include 20 women, 16 people of color, and representation from 30 states, tribal nations, and U.S. territories, representing a diverse cross-section of cities, counties, towns, and communities across the United States.
Chartered in 1993 under the Federal Advisory Committee Act, the Local Government Advisory Committee provides independent policy advice to the EPA Administrator on a broad range of issues affecting local governments. The Small Community Advisory Subcommittee was established by EPA in 1996 to advise the Administrator on environmental issues of concern to the residents of smaller communities.
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