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THE Original Charity Shop and Library resumed monthly payments of €500 each to the Franciscan Refuge in Gandia and Javea Port Caritas.
“We had a difficult 2020 due to the pandemic when the Shop and Library were closed for 10 weeks, followed by limited access and other restrictions,” said the Charity Shop’s Aileen Stiefel.
“Our financial situation is now looking much healthier, allowing us to resume our monthly payments of €500 to these deserving charities,” she added.
Caritas representative, Marcella Fitzgerald, and parish priest, Fr Francisco Murillo, said that the parish of Nuestra Senora de Loreta currently cares for 40 Javea families.
However, this is likely to increase to 170 in the autumn and next winter, taking into account those who lose their summer jobs and depend on Caritas for food and clothing.
The Franciscan Refuge in Palma de Gandia houses 45 homeless and ill men, explained the Refuge representative, Stephen Carden from the Costa Blanca Chaplaincy in Gandia, who is a volunteer at the Shop.
There are three Brothers and one elderly priest, plus two nuns who found themselves homeless after their convent closed.
All depend on essential food and other supplies donated by individuals and charitable organisations, including The Original Charity Shop and Library, Javea.
The Shop is happy to take long-life food and in-date medication which can be left at the shop, marked for the Refuge.
The Original Charity Shop is situated on Carrer de Nancy 1 in Javea’s Arenal area and the Library is in Javea Park. Donations are gratefully accepted at all times.
For more information visit their www.charityshoplibrary.com web page.
“If you would like to sell your goods on commission, please phone 966460803 to make an appointment,” Aileen Stiefel said.

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