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Charity organisations are an increasingly popular target for cyber criminals and are particularly vulnerable to disruptive attacks such as ransomware due to the critical nature of their work. Although most organisations will have a cyber security strategy or team in place, the unfortunate reality is that larger charities are targeted more due to the high level of funds and data they carry.
As a well-known global charity, Save the Children faces a high level of cyber threat. In this webinar, Cristian Alfaro, Enterprise Technology Manager at Save the Children, will explain how the organisation worked with F Secure and Flow Communications to address their cyber security concerns and avoid more than 100,000 attempted malware infections per month.
The webinar will discuss the processes and technology used by Save the Children to improve their resilience continuously and in response to the ever-changing threat landscape. Experts from Flow and F-Secure will also explain the most prevalent threats that charities are likely to face and what can be done to prevent a cyber attack.
We’re actually more at risk than most commercial organisations. Not only do we have a huge amount of data that is attractive to cyber criminals, but our status also means we’re a potential target for politically motivated attacks by state actors. Ransomware and data theft are the chief security concerns.” Mark Hawkins, Global Humanitarian Technologies Manager at Save the Children.
Attendees can expect to learn more about:


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