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There will be 9 Masterclass courses available to third sector organisations at launch, which cover a range of areas from marketing and strategy to assist with awareness and fundraising, to operations and leadership, to support with operational efficiencies and team management. This new service has been created to help both new and established organisations get valuable insight from businesses that they would not otherwise have had access to, increase knowledge and skills, and identify potential areas for improvement within their organisation.
This new on-demand service has been created to complement Ethical Angel’s core offering to the third sector of digital volunteers from businesses worldwide. These volunteers are provided on a project by project basis, allowing third sector organisations to request specific projects which the Ethical Angel platform then matches to their volunteers with the most relevant skill sets.
Alexander Fahie, CEO at Ethical Angel, said:
“I am delighted that Ethical Angel is pioneering free, digital value to charities with our Masterclass Zone that offers organisations in the third sector access to video tutorials delivered by experts and links to volunteers.”
It is hoped that the launch of this new service will not only help third sector organisations to get valuable insights and guidance from industry experts but also encourage them to take advantage of the dedicated one-to-one support from corporate volunteers that is available to them through the Ethical Angel platform.
To sign up to the Masterclass Zone and get unlimited free access to over 60 masterclasses, please visit the Masterclass section of Ethical Angel’s website and enter your email address.
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