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Laura Bill
Laura Crawford, founder of Mama Bamboo with her son Alexander. – Credit: Mama Bamboo
A St Albans-based eco-nappy company is donating 1,000 packs to families in need across the UK.
Mama Bamboo is run by local mum Laura Crawford, who is committed to using her business to improve the sustainability of disposable nappies and to use her company for good.
Mama Bamboo offers one of the most sustainable and healthy award-winning disposable nappy products available in the UK and wants to make these products accessible to families on lower incomes in their time of need.
The company is now working with the charity In Kind Direct to distribute nappies and wipes to more than 120 other charitable organisations across the country.
In Kind Direct believes everyone deserves access to life’s essentials and that no usable product should go to waste. They offer a simple solution to distribute consumer products donated by companies, such as baby nappies and wipes, to charitable organisations including community centres, schools, food banks and baby banks across the UK.
Laura explained how the partnership began: “We were approached by In Kind Direct a few months ago and immediately felt that it was a charity that really suited the ethos of Mama Bamboo.
“Since I founded the company in 2018 I have been a firm believer in using our business for good. Whether that be through ensuring that our products reach the highest sustainability standards and campaigning to improve the way that nappies are disposed of in the UK, or by ensuring that our business can also provide help to those that really need it.”
Eva Learner of In Kind Direct added: “We work with thousands of charitable organisations across the UK and reached out to Mama Bamboo as baby products are some of the most in demand items.
“Almost half of our charitable network surveyed, identified nappies and baby wipes as the most needed products particularly over the next few months.
“The demand for essential products like nappies is ever increasing, as 70 per cent of our charities have reported an increase in the number of people they support since the start of 2021, whilst over half of the organisations have reported decreased income.
“The demand for baby products is continuing to increase so we’re incredibly pleased that Mama Bamboo are able to support us with a donation of over 1,000 packs of nappies and wipes worth £8,500.”

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