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Abu Dhabi Police fined 170 drivers for driving in the first half of 2021 for dumping waste on roads and public facilities, and instructed road users to dump rubbish and waste in designated areas in consideration of environmental protection and public hygiene. Preserving the civilized appearance of the emirate.
He called on motorists to adhere to passengers and not to throw passengers any waste with them, to promote positive behaviors by protecting the environment and the general appearance of cities, and to emphasize the need for this behavior to cause environmental pollution and to cooperate. Taking care of health, safety and environment by disposing of used waste in containers with competent authorities. Covered trash.
He noted that under Section 71 of the Traffic Act, “dumping of waste from vehicles on the road is an offense”, a fine of 1,000 dirhams and 6 traffic points registered for violating drivers.
He stressed the need to continue its efforts in educating drivers and road users to avoid the uncivilized behaviors that some drivers do carelessly and cause environmental degradation. .

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