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Looking for a way to be a better anti-racist ally? Donating to and amplifying the voices of these charities and organisations is a great place to start.
Updated 12 July: The horrific racist abuse levelled at members of the England team after last night’s Euro 2020 final against Italy has highlighted how much work still needs to be done to tackle and eradicate racism in the UK.
Amid all the positive tweets and comments thanking the England team for their efforts throughout the tournament, three of England’s players – Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka – have been subjected to racist messages and comments for missing penalties in the game’s concluding shoot-out.
Since then, organisations, celebrities and fans alike have spoken out against the abuse.
When events like this happen, it’s easy to feel powerless against the onslaught of hatred and abuse. But there are things you can do to make a difference – and taking action is essential if we want to see change.
As reported 25 May: One year on from George Floyd’s death, his legacy continues to spark and shape important conversations about racism across the world – including here in the UK. But that does not mean the work needed to eradicate the racism, brutality and structural inequalities faced by Black people in this country is over – in fact, it’s far from it.  
While the US has its own unique history of anti-Black racism (and to suggest differently is to eradicate years of suffering), it’s important to remember that the UK is not innocent – and has never been innocent – of the kind of racist violence seen in the US. The list of Black people killed in police custody in this country is not short of names – Rashan Charles, Mark Duggan and Daniel Adewole are just three we should all be familiar with. And that’s not including the Black people who have lost their lives in racially motivated attacks, such as Stephen Lawrence.
Our country has repeatedly shown a lack of regard for Black lives – and we must continue to stand up, speak out and work against all forms of racism if we want to see real, meaningful change. 
With this in mind, continuing to amplify the voices of those people working at the forefront to confront racism and support the empowerment of Black people in the UK remains incredibly important. While doing your own work is essential, it’s also important to ensure that all the incredible anti-racism organisations, charities and initiatives which are working to make the world a better place receive the support they need.
Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the brilliant organisations you can support, amplify and champion. 
Stop Hate UK is a charity which provides independent support to those affected by hate crime and challenge all forms of discrimination. Set up in direct response to the murder of Stephen Lawrence, the charity also delivers and supports projects on areas including community cohesion, youth engagement, stop and search consultancy and scrutiny panels among others. 
UK Black Pride is an organisation that advocates, fights for, supports and celebrates LGBTQ people of colour. Although 2020’s Black Pride event had to be cancelled as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, 2021’s Black Pride is going ahead, so your donations will help to fund this and other events (both digital and physical) as well as supporting community outrush and hardship funds. 
StopWatch UK is a national research and action organisation that works to promote fair, effective and accountable policing. Formed in response to “unprecedented increases” in the number of stop-searches, StopWatch UK also works to inform the public about the use of stop and search and provide essential legal support. 
The Black LGBTQIA+ Therapy Fund is raising money to provide therapy for Black people from the LGBTQIA+ community. Although the fundraiser initially aimed to raise £1000 to pay for the therapy sessions of two Black LGBTQIA+ persons, it has now raised over £80,000 and endeavours to help as many people as possible. 
Black Minds Matter is an organisation that provides free mental health resources and therapy for the Black community. The money will go towards linking Black families and individuals with Black therapists and provide free sessions for those in need.
SARI is a charity which provides support for victims of hate crime, including those subjected to racist attacks. Alongside providing ongoing support to people who have experienced hate crime, the charity also engages with businesses and organisations to provide equality training and education.
The Exist Loudly Fund is an organisation set-up by youth worker and activist Tanya Compas to support Queer Black young people in London and across the country. While they are currently not accepting donations, you can follow the organisation’s incredible work on Twitter and Instagram.
The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust was set up in the light of Stephen Lawrence’s murder in a racist attack in 1993. The charity works with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds aged 13-30 to inspire and enable them to succeed in the career of their choice, in the hope that the UK will become a place where everyone has the opportunity to achieve.
Show Racism The Red Card is an anti-racist educational charity providing workshops, training sessions, multimedia packages and a whole host of other resources to tackle racism throughout society. You can support the charity in a variety of ways, including making a donation or volunteering.
Runnymede is the UK’s leading independent race equality think tank, which challenges race inequality in Britain through research, network building, leading debates and policy engagement. A donation to Runnymede will help them to continue conducting research and engaging with policy makers to make long lasting change.
Stand Up To Racism is a nationwide movement which aims to tackle the influx of discriminatory rhetoric across the world and demand a society where racism is no more. Over the last week the group have held solidarity protests in light of George Floyd’s murder. Alongside making a one-off donation, you can pay to be a member of the Stand Up To Racism movement, which will help the charity to plan ahead and co-ordinate bigger anti-racist initiatives. 
Southall Black Sisters work to highlight and challenge all forms of gender-based violence against women, primarily working to support the needs of Black Asian and African-Carribean women experiencing violence, abuse and others forms of inequality. 
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