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The only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Anne is the patron of over 300 charitable organizations and has even competed at the Olympic games on horseback, representing Great Britain. She was once quoted as saying: “When I’m approaching a water jump, with dozens of photographers waiting for me to fall in, and hundreds of spectators wondering what’s going to happen next, the horse is just about the only one who doesn’t know I am royal.”
The Princess is also a British representative in the International Olympic Committee, and was a member of the London Organizing Committee for the 2012 Olympic Games.
But her time in the royal spotlight started long before, when the Princess attended her first royal public engagements in 1969 at 18 years old, right after leaving school with 6 GCE-O-Levels and two A-Levels.
She inaugurated an educational centre in Shropshire and made her first royal appointment abroad when she travelled with her parents to Austria the same year.
When she married Captain Mark Phillips in 1973, approximately 500 million people around the world watched the broadcast and the wedding is estimated to have pumped billions into the UK economy.
Her second husband, Timothy Laurence, was a Captain in the Royal Navy, and Princess Anne was the Chief Commandant of the Women’s Royal Naval Service since 1974, but they actually met when Mr Laurence served as security to the Queen.
Prince Charles and Princess Anne
Since 1970, at 20-years-old, she has been the president of “Save the Children”, which was the first major charity that she became closely involved with, and made her first trip to Kenya with the organisation in 1971.
In 1991, she founded her own charity “The Princess Royal Trust for Carers” which is a network of 144 care centres, of whom the Princess visits often and is actively involved in the organisations’ decision-making.
A year before, in 1990, she became the first member of the Royal Family to make an official visit to the Soviet Union as guest of government and has flown all over the world representing the Royal Family.
On 5th February 1987, Princess Anne also became the first member of The Royal Family to appear as a contestant on a television quiz show when she competed on the BBC’s A Question of Sport, and 16 years earlier, in 1971, she won the BBC Sports Personality of the year award.
Having always been passionate about the media industry, Princess Anne was President of the BAFTA awards from 1972 to 2000.
Her Royal Highness is never one to shy away from a challenge, and remarkably, she is the first Member of the Royal Family to have a HGV licence, and once said: “The thing I might do best is be a long-distance truck driver.”
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The Princess has held the position of chancellor at the University of Edinburgh, London University, Harper Adams University, University of the Highlands and Islands, as well as serving as her Majesty’s High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.
She is also passionate about inspiring young people and has worked as Commandant-in-chief of St. John Ambulance Cadets.
During the COVID pandemic in May 2020, The Princess Royal visited a mobile testing site operated by a military regiment, of which she is Colonel-in-Chief.
But the Princess does have a mischievous side.
In 2001 she pleaded guilty to driving her car at 93mph in a 70mph zone and was charged £400.
A year later, Princess Anne was also prosecuted under the Dangerous Dogs Act and fined £500 when her dog Dotty bit two children which left them in hospital.
Between 2016 and 2019, aged 66 to 69, The Princess Royal carried out a total of 1,945 engagements, and has completed more than 480 official overseas visits in her lifetime.
She takes pride in all her work and has given her life to serving the British nation, but values her privacy and has regularly scolded the paparazzi.
She once said: “You are a pest, by the very nature of that camera in your hand.”
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royals at game reserve
Prince Charles has also had an extremely long and hard-working career.
At 22 years old, in 1970, he took up his seat in the House of Lords, and a year later began training with the Royal Air Force to become a jet pilot.
In 1974, the Prince qualified as a helicopter pilot and served as a flight lieutenant on the HMS Hermes.
Two years later he took command of the coastal minehunter HMS Bronington for his last nine months in the Navy.
His Royal Highness currently serves as Admiral of the Fleet, United Kingdom Field Marshal, and Marshal of the Royal Air Force.
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Two years after his marriage to Princess Diana in 1981, the couple embarked on a jam-packed six-week royal tour of Australia and New Zealand with their 10 month-old son William and, with his wife, rallied a renewed sense of global adoration for the Royal Family.
Prince Charles has founded 18 charities himself, and a 19th make up the group named “The Prince’s Charities”.
The charities form the largest multi-cause charitable enterprise in the UK and collectively work in 38 countries.
They together raise approximately £150million each year.
Charities set up by the Prince of Wales include Mosaic, a Muslim youth mentoring campaign, The Prince’s Rainforest Project, to protect rainforests, the Pakistan Recovery Fund, to support the recovery from the floods of 2010, the Youth Business Scotland charity, The Prince’s Foundation for Children and The Arts, and many more.
Charles and Diana
Since 2014, in just seven years, the Prince has made approximately 90 overseas visits representing Great Britain.
On top of all the charitable work, and his roles in the armed services, the Prince of Wales’ main responsibility, as heir to the throne, is to support the Queen no matter what.
During celebrations for the Diamond Jubilee in 2012, in front of a crowd of thousands and a global television audience, the Prince said to his mother, Her Majesty the Queen: “I was three when my grandfather George VI died and suddenly, unexpectedly you and my father’s lives were irrevocably changed when you were only 26.
“As a nation this is our opportunity to thank you and my father for always being there for us.
“For inspiring us with your selfless duty and service and for making us proud to be British.”
So, who do you think is the harder working royal, Anne or Charles? Let us know in the comments section and by voting in the poll above.
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