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The Care Workers’ Charity (CWC) has partnered with The Outstanding Society to share best practice and better support the social care sector.
They will look to drive care quality, as well as the professionalisation and recognition of the workforce.
The CWC, a benevolent fund that provides grants to prevent care workers from falling into financial hardship, now provides mental health support through its Red Umbrella initiative to help address trauma experienced by care workers.
The Outstanding Society is a free membership body for all care providers and promotes the sharing of best practice within adult social care throughout England. It provides free resources to operators to help them achieve an ‘outstanding’ CQC rating.
‘This partnership represents a collaboration between two organisations whose shared values to support and better the sector will make a hugely positive impact on our work, and into the sector at large,’ said Karolina Gerlich, CWC chief executive.
Zoe Fry and Russell Leese, directors of The Outstanding Society, added: ‘We feel privileged to be working with The Care Workers’ Charity. The work that the charity has done over the years to help our profession through difficult times is remarkable and we know the profession will need their support more than ever over the coming months and years.’

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