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Comedian Rishi Budhrani originally had sold-out live shows this National Day weekend, but they were postponed indefinitely due to Covid-19 restrictions.
However, the show will go on – virtually – as he does not want to let the audience down. And it has become a bigger show, with a focus on supporting charities and the local community of artistes.
Starting on Wednesday and ending next Monday, Budhrani, 37, is hosting one free show each night on Facebook, called Comedians’ Star Charity, with other comedians such as Kumar, Gurmit Singh and Fukkah Fuzz, in a joint effort with media agency Havas Singapore.
This is the first time that Havas Singapore is doing such a large-scale fund-raising event aimed at garnering a nationwide audience.
Ms Jacqui Lim, chief executive of Havas Media Group Singapore, said the aim of the event is to support local artistes while raising a targeted $100,000 by the end of this month for nine beneficiaries, through encouraging viewers to donate.
The beneficiaries, nominated by the shows’ guests, include charities such as New Hope Community Services and Free Food For All, and non-profit organisations like the Singapore Heart Foundation.
Audience members can donate on the show series’ platform, where they can also find out more about the beneficiaries they will be donating to.
The format of the show will closely follow that of Budhrani’s late-night comedy talk show, The Rishi Report.
He said: “It’s Singapore’s version of a late-night comedy talk show. We approach topical issues, daily news and current affairs in a humorous manner. It’s something I conceptualised and started filming at home during the circuit breaker last year.
“My entire act as a host for this series is performing as a newscaster that nobody would hire, so he had no choice but to start his own show.”
Viewers can look forward to witty banter and relatable discussions on local issues, as well as Singapore-themed games for audiences to take part in and win prizes.
Ms Lim said: “The Covid-19 situation has put immense pressure on most and we could sense further frustrations with the return to phase two (heightened alert), with local artistes impacted as shows were cancelled.”
She hopes the series can support local artistes and content creators and bring cheer to businesses and communities, enlivening everyone in Singapore in the lead-up to National Day.
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