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By Sameer Naik Time of article published Jul 31, 2021
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Johannesburg – Quinton Van Der Burgh is delighted by his latest venture. The South African entrepreneur, philanthropist, and media mogul just smiles when asked about the release of his new book “100 Making a Difference”.
After seven years of planning and conceptualising the book, it brings the 36-year-old great joy to see his dream finally come true.
The book highlights social champions who have made the most impact, from activists to celebrities, totalling 143 charities from around the world.
It features a collection of photographs of those dedicated to improving the lives of others through their tireless charitable work and the organisations they support.
Van der Burgh teamed up with world-renowned celebrity photographer John Russo and proceeds from the book will be given to charities globally.
“Many people around the world are in dire situations, and 100 Making a Difference is a book that will, hopefully, remind people of how helping humanity should be at the forefront of your daily thoughts and actions,” Van der Burgh told the Saturday Star.
“The book has been seven years in the making. It was created to raise awareness to charities around the world, those that support them and how they are making a difference in the lives of others.”
He says the book is a philanthropic venture and all proceeds of the book will go towards the charity organisations featured within. A Covid-19 relief fund has also been set up which will support these foundations.
“All monies from the sale of the 100 Making A Difference book will be divided equally between the 143 foundations in the book,” he said.
“I have further partnered with Axia Bank, the first digital currency of the world and we have set up a Covid relief fund that aims to help foundations around the world during these incredibly tough times. This will be the first global initiative of many that I plan to roll out in the years ahead.”
100 Making a Difference features photographs of celebrities such as Christy Turlington, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Oprah, Pharrel, Usher, Elton John, Eva Longoria, Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Tommy Hilfiger, Gwyneth Paltrow, and many others.
“Also featured is world-renowned US actress and musician, Eve, alongside her husband – the founder & CEO of Gumball 3000 Entertainment Ltd, Maximillion Cooper.”
In 2018, Van Der Burgh launched the QVDB Foundation and the #PayMyBills campaign to help South African residents who are drowning in debt.
The initiative focuses solely on alleviating families’ financial burdens and providing individuals with skills they need to join the workforce.
“I’m not just wanting to change someone’s life for a day but wanting to change someone’s life forever.”
“Life is not defined by what you can accumulate, but by what you can give back; and I have made it my life’s mission to raise awareness and help others in support of global change and impact.
“It’s always been important for me (and my foundation) to give back in life and in every business venture that I partake in, since I started in business years ago.”
Working with Russo is also a dream come true. Van der Burgh says he’s wanted to work with the acclaimed lensman ever since they crossed paths in Las Vegas a few years ago.
“John is undoubtedly the number one celebrity photographer in the world and I knew that 100 Making A Difference needed backing for it to see the light of day.
“This initiative immediately caught my attention with the compilation of such an incredible body of work. Philanthropy work is close to my heart and showcasing others who are also trying to make a difference in the world is very important to me.”
He said it was important to celebrate the impact that social champions have on the world, particularly now as people around the world battle during the Covid 19 pandemic.
“I believe that we all need to work together to make a positive impact in the world and this will be the first global campaign of many that I will be rolling out to raise awareness, money and attention to foundations that are aligned with my ethos.”
“We need to be more of a global community working together for the common good of all mankind.”
Van Der Burgh added he was delighted with the final product and hoped it would inspire others to make a positive change in the world.
Asked what advice he would give South Africans who are battling financially and emotionally during the pandemic, Van Der Burgh said : “Don’t give up on yourself or your dreams. Be persistent in every area in life. Persistence – if you don’t have this very important quality in business (and life) to see it through – it will ultimately end up in failure. Persistence is what is key for me.”
The book is available for sale, with proceeds being donated to all the organisations listed within the book.
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