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Dear Editor, 
Reference is made to Stabroek News’ Aug 4 article: “Ali says Government not hiding oil sector’s information…” I was tickled almost to unconsciousness upon hearing President Ali’s disclosure that the reason the Government and Exxon Mobil’s activities and plans in oil and gas have not yet been fully disclosed to the public is the Government is “building a website” to publish the information. This reminds me of the Environmental Protection Agency’s claim that it was “working assiduously” to carry out consultations on the 2020 Rules and Procedures for the conduct of Environmental Impact Assessment, which it suspended without plausible explanation to date.  Maybe they are building a website for that too. And is another website being built for an Independent Commission of Inquiry into the abomination called the Guyana Elections Commission? I take it yet another website is under construction for public disclosure and consultation on the unilateral shift in our national development strategy to a More Carbon Development Policy based on basic binge economics? The Wales Development Zone? Our President does not need websites to fulfill his sacred national duties, all he needs is to commit to good governance and democracy, and to demand the same from those around him. 
Simone Mangal-Joly
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