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Fresh details have emerged, explaining why United Arab Emirates (UAE) blocked all flights from Uganda, showing hundreds of Ugandans were arriving in Dubai with fake COVID-19 results.
For example on Jun 6, 2021, out of 158 passengers who arrived in Dubai from Uganda, 113 tested positive for COVID-19.
Yet, when leaving, passengers at Entebbe International Airport are required to present a negative COVID-19 test taken within 120 hours of departure from Uganda.
On June 7, 2021, out of 161 passengers, 72 tested positive on arrival in Dubai.
This shocked authorities in UAE. They wondered how COVID-19 positive people could be allowed on a commercial airline.
On June 10, 19 out 174 passengers from Uganda tested positive for COVID-19 in Dubai.
According to a confidential correspondence from UAE to Uganda which ChimpReports has exclusively seen, Dubai authorities told Kampala their decision was based on statistics of high COVID-19 cases from Uganda “generated by the Supreme Crisis Management of UAE.”
An investigation established that “most passengers especially groups don’t test from the hospital physically.”
As a result of this situation, UAE government directed Emirates to suspend passenger flights from Zambia and Uganda to Dubai, effective 2359hrs on 11 June 2021, until further notice.
“…passengers who have connected through Zambia and Uganda in the last 14 days will not be accepted to travel from any other point to the UAE,” said UAE in a statement on June 11.
This development calls for the strengthening of COVID-19 tests management in Uganda.
Dramatic scenes at Entebbe Airport
Ugandan authorities recently started a crackdown against fake COVID-19 certificates. However, challenges remain.
For example, on the night of June 23, 2021, 171 passengers on Ethiopian Airlines were forced out of the plane after by an official from Kazuri known as Solomon Kintu for reportedly carrying purportedly fake COVID 19 certificates.
All the passengers were instructed to return home while four officials from Ethiopian Airlines were arrested.
An investigation later established that these passengers had valid COVID-19 results but that they had presented themselves as contacts while taking samples for testing.
“Their results were in the Ministry of Health system, but since their names were not on a hard copy possessed by Kazuri Medical clinic officials, they couldn’t be allowed to travel,” said a source who preferred anonymity to speak freely.
The same night also witnessed a dramatic incident at Entebbe Airport with 16 passengers on SN Brussels missing their flight.
Authorities told ChimpReports that the passengers reached the Airport on time but were referred to conduct another COVID-19 test at Kazuri Clinic.
By the time they received their results, the flight had already closed check-in counters.
These passengers also had valid COVID-19 certificates which were also in the Ministry of Health system, but because their names were not indicated on the hard copy, they were referred to Kazuri Clinic for a rapid test.
The passengers were forced to pay a staggering Shs 500,000 per person for a rapid test.
Sources said the enraged passengers “left shouting and cursing Airport authorities.”
Health Ministry speaks out 
Health Ministry spokesperson Emmanuel Ainebyoona said some passengers would turn up at Entebbe Airport with fake COVID-19 certificates.
“They are laboratories which are accredited to run tests for COVID-19. These include Makerere University and Test and Fly among others. These laboratories send a list of test results to the airport. To board a commercial aircraft, your name must be on that list in the system,” said Ainebyoona.
He added: “We were finding people with forged COVID-19 certificates. Some people were working with middlemen of laboratories to take samples not doing actual PCR tests. Yet, to board a commercial aircraft.”
This investigative website also established that the confusion of COVID-19 certificates has not spared foreigners.
A top Spanish diplomat recently expressed alarm over the confusion on entry requirements for passengers flying to Uganda.
“Please, I kindly come to you to receive clear confirmation of the heard and read health measures and requirements to come into Uganda, because statements do not correspond with the Spanish visitors tell me after reaching Entebbe,” said the diplomat.
“Ministry of Health instructed that where travelers were classified in three group according to the Covid19 situation. First group have banned the entrance to Uganda. Second group must be tested at arrival and third group are exempted if they come with a negative PCR. People coming from Spain belong to third group.”
According to the Ministry of Health standard operating procedures, all travelers from the United Kingdom, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, South Sudan, Tanzania, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the United States are required to undergo PCR testing at the border at their own expense, including at Entebbe International Airport, unless they have received their full COVID-19 vaccination, can provide evidence of this and show no COVID-19 symptoms.
The diplomat wondered why Spaniards carrying PCR tests were being forced to test for COVID-19 again.
In case of testing, the diplomat told Ugandan officials, “There is no bus. You must walk and be tested at any laboratory of your choice and wait for results.”
Uganda has so far registered 2,090 COVID-19 deaths since the outbreak of the pandemic in March 2020.
President Museveni on June 18 announced additional lockdown measures until 30 July at the earliest.
These include a curfew from 7pm to 5:30am, and a ban on movement by all public and private vehicles. There are limited exceptions, including for cargo vehicles, vehicles carrying patients to medical facilities, registered tourist vehicles, emergency vehicles, and essential worker vehicles.
An inter-district travel ban remains in place, and citizens outside the greater Kampala region seeking to travel for essential reasons (including for flights) are required to contact their local district authorities to arrange for permission to do so.


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