Covid19: Uganda Braces for 3rd Wave –

As Uganda expects the 3rd wave of Covid-19, the Ministry of Health has a laid out a strategy to minimize the effects of the pandemic.
Yesterday, 460 new cases were announced, with 38 fatalities. To date, the cumulative covid-19 cases are 89,974, 849 active cases on admission at health facilities, and 2,324 fatalities.
Dr. Richard Kabanda, the commissioner of health promotion, education, and communication at the ministry of health said that there are strategies in preparation for another wave.
“There’s one that targets the community and one that targets the health care professionals,” he said,
“We have had several engagements with processional bodies and ensured targeted communication with health care professionals. We continue having a number of webinars, seminars meetings in the current state and also advise our colleagues at each level to ensure that they engage professionals from different healthcare facilities,” he said.
Dr. Kabanda says the ministry is trying to ensure that in the 3rd wave, members of the community are at the forefront as technical teams play the supportive role.
“Since the pandemic has been here for quite some time and we don’t know when it will end, members of the public should know that they have a 90% responsibility in mitigating the challenges of the pandemic and as technical officers, we have a 10% for providing technical guidance on what should be done and offer the kind of support when it comes to facilities,” he said.


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