Loss of livelihoods due to climate change impacts like floods,droughts and landslides have pushed people at the frontlines in abject poverty especially those internally displaced living in the camps.
we are empowering displaced people living in Muhokya camp with skills to help them solve local isssues in the camp and generate income from these products of their skills.
These include;
Tailoring and sewing; We are training people in the camp to do tailoring and sewing. The goal is to start locally making reusable sanitary pads to distribute among women and girls in the camp who cant afford cost of disposable ones and producing on large scale for sale to genarate income for the people.
Soap making; We have trained people to make soap and already producing soap locally in the IDP Camp of muhokya, people could not afford cost of soap which made us opt for this and its showing good progressive results in improving hygiene in the camp. With more support we hope to produce on large scale to generate income for the people in the camp and replicating these skills in other communities

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